I’ve found it really funny over my life when contemplating the word nurturing…….. And as I have reflected i have come to the understanding that to me, nurturing is first and foremost about taking care of you…. People have said to me, that sounds selfish, and when I was a child I was told it was selfish to put me first, questions like… can I do that when I have a family, work, demands! However, my question is…..if you are not looking after you first, what energy do you have to give to others, when you are poorly…does everything stop in your home, life, work etc…..if you where planting seeds and you watered it, fed it, gave it sunshine or darkness it might grow.,, do not water it, feed it, give it light or darkness and for sure it will wilt and die…………nurturing can be simple things, eating well, taking walks in nature, meditation, deep breathing, laughing, meeting friends and family, taking long soothing baths, reading a book, and so on…….to be looking after you is essential,  your health and wellbeing first is essential to others health and wellbeing….. What can you do today to look after you first? In order to give to others……… 


Security, security and security

Number, numbers and numbers, that’s how it felt today. How is it security protects and yet makes us vulnerable? Today I witnessed both sides and when I was feeling low from the whole days activities, the last thing I wanted to think about was number passwords, codes, date of birth, postcode, address, it was all too much. 


It all started as a perfectly normal day, and then went quickly downhill, one incident lead to another to another, then another, pressure from myself, pressure from work and life, whilst all the time trying to take it in my stride and thinking it will get better, but you know what? It didn’t, and what I realised I should have done when I reached home was to take a nice long hot bath and an early night to look after and nurture myself, but did I listen to myself, no, I carried on and found myself on the telephone giving yet more numbers………..yet here was my intuition guiding me to listen to it, shouting even. So…..I stopped, put the kettle on and surrendered to nothing but the tea, because nothing else could be accomplished! 


What kinds of things is your intuition shouting, screaming even,  to get your attention, to stop, slow down, saviour the moment, breathe, surrender, laugh……. Catch it tomorrow and listen, it’s invaluable . See more blogs on   Twitter  @Loveheartsdeb

following my intuition

Over the next few weeks, I aim to continue my blogging from the California Coast.  I am so excited about going, which incidentally, started with listening to a webinar.  I listened and thought to myself, this sounds interesting, at the same time, a friend of mine was also listening to it and we both phoned each other at the same time excited…….. The webinar was discussing the energy of money and our relationship to it.  So, the next thing you know in our intuitive excitement we booked our tickets, and then came to the decision, we may as well mix business and pleasure!  We start off in San Diego for the workshop and networking and then move on along the coast. 

 So, I began to question why relationships to money are so important and thought I would do some research before I go, in preparedness to question my thoughts and energy towards money.   Some may think it extreme to go all the way to America to figure this out…..and I may have thought so…………but you know what………….there’s more to the trip than that so my intuition tells me, and, more and more I’m following it for the blessings it brings me.   Money as we know brings a lot of things, freedom, material stuff, choice, pleasure, happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow etc……

 I shall leave you with these thoughts…………….What does money mean to you and how much value do you place on it, and how do you choose to spend it      .. Just a thought……Blessings Debbie x.

Fancy dressdead celebrity dead celebrity

Recently I went to a dead celebrity fancy dress party, at first it seemed such a hassle deciding who to be! It seemed to take the joy out of choosing, time was short and then I was debating should I hire a costume? That would probably be for the weekend, or……..then getting confused as everyone was being so helpful making their suggestions as to who I could go as.  I then had to laugh I had made something so easy and potentially fun, into something serious and stressful…….I needed to become empowered and decide for myself. In the end I choose dusty springfield and the minute I made the decision everything came together.  My lovely neighbours presented me with a wig and a 60s dress and I found the false eyelashes, microphone, hairband and boots. A lovely friend created the hair!  I realised once I had made the decision, on what to go as, the rest became easy and I had fun collecting what I was going to wear!!  How easy did I go into fear and confusion which took over my thoughts and that then stopped the joy.  Funny isn’t it……what deciding to go to a fancy dress brings up …….. Just some thoughts…….when was the last time you potentially turned something light and fun into seriousness x

Poem, for national poetry day

A journey

what can’t I say that I want to say, confident and aloud, why can’t I say what I want to say, instead I feel frustrated and worn down.

Im careful of your feelings, but don’t deal with my own, where voices shout at me loud from within, to make my feelings known.

I might offend you, and I care, and still I cannot say, how hurt and angry you make me feel, most of my day.  I usually sigh and suppress it all, then no one ever knows, oh how I wish that courage would come, and I could say out loud, “I don’t agree” or “what about me?”, smiling, confident and proud.

Today’s’ a different story, I’ve finally found my voice, to say out loud what’s deep inside; I’ve learnt not to suppress. I am important and I matter, and deep inside I know, that confidence and self esteem are the only way to go. No one can take this away from me, because inside, it’s meant to be an everlasting quality. 

Just a thought for you….

Hearing a conversation yesterday whilst having a cuppa, two men said their wives had tried meditation as it helps to clear the mind, apparently….. However when they came back they said it didn’t work because their mind couldn’t clear….. It made me smile to myself as I normally get this reaction when people come to me on an introduction to meditation programme.  Sometimes, what they fail to realise is that why if you have a busy mind normally, would you expect it to clear the minute you decide to clear it? That doesn’t make sense to me!  Meditation is a discipline and one in which takes time to develop, and the benefits to your emotional health and wellbeing are amazing.  Everyday people are rushing to fit things in their daily life, until the day your health suffers, this could be years down the line…..but happen it will, I am sure, because of daily pressures.  The meditation I teach is a mix of different ways, no specific way, one that tailors to the individual, even if you are in a group, because if it makes sense to you, it’s working…..when was the last time you empowered you by a decision you made that felt good……

Time out

Lovely saturday spent at the crowne plaza in Birmingham with Julie Anne hart on the hart day. I met some interesting people.  It’s always interesting when you take time out to go on a journey of exploration internally, all sorts of interesting things come up that can bring real insights into what needs attention in your life at this very moment.  I’ve realised I too easily get distracted into other people’s lives, chaos, wants, needs, dramas, that  really do not require my attention,  and that people really can sort things out themselves, help yes of course, but try to solve things for them, no, that’s not in their best interests, because we really do know what to do because the truth always rests inside of us, we just do not take the time to listen.

Im guilty of this, in the last year I’ve been quite poorly, however I kept going and believed it would go away, but it didn’t and I needed to take time out, which I kinda forced on myself, instead of listening to my body and intuition that kept saying you need to rest Debbie. I’m  sure all of you have had this happen,  where a couple of slow days (I know, I know you don’t have time, I say it to myself too) would have prevented a week off and more…….I may not learn the next time, or the next, but eventually it will sink in and I  will react differently, in my best interests, it would be more beneficial to pay attention straight away lol….

i run a fortnightly meditation and spiritual development group. A group of lovely like minded people meet, to meditate and use spiritual tools, to gain insights from these to help and guide themselves and others.  Why not join us on a Tuesday evening in Coventry……. , @loveheartsdeb.

County mayo, Ireland trip

Oh how wonderful it was to land at knock airport and be driven to county mayo for a few days by the sea, resting, eating ,chatting and learning about ourselves.  Sue, Lynn and I have been discussing religion, god, structures, belief, breaking things down, and trying to make sense of it all.


Imagein the afternoon we went for a walk to reflect on the processes that had taken place this morning.  I was scared at one point when a donkey came galloping up the field towards me, and i do mean galloping! and braying, good job for the fence! 

Monday night is yoga night

Gosh first time back to yoga after about a year, that was hard work and I’m so tired…..but you know what i feel warm, cozy and relaxed and I could feel the energy flowing around my body almost like a ‘coming home’, a reassurance and that felt good. The yoga teacher was talking about how energy gets blocked in our body and by exercising, it can remove the blocks which in turn frees up more energy to use in a positive way……so I’ve now made a commitment to yoga on a Monday evening, what commitments might you make to look after yourself……..

Greens coffee stop

Interesting day today, met with sue, marie and Claire to catch up, laugh and eat, plus sharing our ideas and wisdom.  Claire bought her archangel Michael cards and they were amazingly accurately for each of us.  Funnily isn’t it, when you have thoughts, ideas, worries and concerns, that people you meet either have the same thoughts, ideas, worries and or concerns …..