County mayo, Ireland trip

Oh how wonderful it was to land at knock airport and be driven to county mayo for a few days by the sea, resting, eating ,chatting and learning about ourselves.  Sue, Lynn and I have been discussing religion, god, structures, belief, breaking things down, and trying to make sense of it all.


Imagein the afternoon we went for a walk to reflect on the processes that had taken place this morning.  I was scared at one point when a donkey came galloping up the field towards me, and i do mean galloping! and braying, good job for the fence! 


Monday night is yoga night

Gosh first time back to yoga after about a year, that was hard work and I’m so tired…..but you know what i feel warm, cozy and relaxed and I could feel the energy flowing around my body almost like a ‘coming home’, a reassurance and that felt good. The yoga teacher was talking about how energy gets blocked in our body and by exercising, it can remove the blocks which in turn frees up more energy to use in a positive way……so I’ve now made a commitment to yoga on a Monday evening, what commitments might you make to look after yourself……..

Greens coffee stop

Interesting day today, met with sue, marie and Claire to catch up, laugh and eat, plus sharing our ideas and wisdom.  Claire bought her archangel Michael cards and they were amazingly accurately for each of us.  Funnily isn’t it, when you have thoughts, ideas, worries and concerns, that people you meet either have the same thoughts, ideas, worries and or concerns …..