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I’ve found it really funny over my life when contemplating the word nurturing…….. And as I have reflected i have come to the understanding that to me, nurturing is first and foremost about taking care of you…. People have said to me, that sounds selfish, and when I was a child I was told it was selfish to put me first, questions like…..how can I do that when I have a family, work, demands! However, my question is…..if you are not looking after you first, what energy do you have to give to others, when you are poorly…does everything stop in your home, life, work etc…..if you where planting seeds and you watered it, fed it, gave it sunshine or darkness it might grow.,, do not water it, feed it, give it light or darkness and for sure it will wilt and die…………nurturing can be simple things, eating well, taking walks in nature, meditation, deep breathing, laughing, meeting friends and family, taking long soothing baths, reading a book, and so on…….to be looking after you is essential,  your health and wellbeing first is essential to others health and wellbeing….. What can you do today to look after you first? In order to give to others………www.debbiemcleod.co.uk