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following my intuition

Over the next few weeks, I aim to continue my blogging from the California Coast.  I am so excited about going, which incidentally, started with listening to a webinar.  I listened and thought to myself, this sounds interesting, at the same time, a friend of mine was also listening to it and we both phoned each other at the same time excited…….. The webinar was discussing the energy of money and our relationship to it.  So, the next thing you know in our intuitive excitement we booked our tickets, and then came to the decision, we may as well mix business and pleasure!  We start off in San Diego for the workshop and networking and then move on along the coast. 

 So, I began to question why relationships to money are so important and thought I would do some research before I go, in preparedness to question my thoughts and energy towards money.   Some may think it extreme to go all the way to America to figure this out…..and I may have thought so…………but you know what………….there’s more to the trip than that so my intuition tells me, and, more and more I’m following it for the blessings it brings me.   Money as we know brings a lot of things, freedom, material stuff, choice, pleasure, happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow etc……

 I shall leave you with these thoughts…………….What does money mean to you and how much value do you place on it, and how do you choose to spend it      .. Just a thought……Blessings Debbie x.