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Just a thought for you….

Hearing a conversation yesterday whilst having a cuppa, two men said their wives had tried meditation as it helps to clear the mind, apparently….. However when they came back they said it didn’t work because their mind couldn’t clear….. It made me smile to myself as I normally get this reaction when people come to me on an introduction to meditation programme.  Sometimes, what they fail to realise is that why if you have a busy mind normally, would you expect it to clear the minute you decide to clear it? That doesn’t make sense to me!  Meditation is a discipline and one in which takes time to develop, and the benefits to your emotional health and wellbeing are amazing.  Everyday people are rushing to fit things in their daily life, until the day your health suffers, this could be years down the line…..but happen it will, I am sure, because of daily pressures.  The meditation I teach is a mix of different ways, no specific way, one that tailors to the individual, even if you are in a group, because if it makes sense to you, it’s working…..when was the last time you empowered you by a decision you made that felt good……www.debbiemcleod.co.ukImage